We are fortunate to be a company of many unique people who are passionate about good science, agriculture and cattle(Dairy Cattle, Feeders, Calves, eef and Bulls) dedicated to our serving clients. Just as we believe it is important we get to know you and your project needs, we also believe it’s important for you to know who we are.

Brian LaBine                                                                                                                                                                         President

Brian LaBine, CEO

 As President and CEO of KCR, Brian has expanded the range by acquiring more cattle breed and carry out cross-breeding, more space has been made available, and equipment. One of the largest projects recently undertaken by Brian was the acquisition and renovation of KCR’s headquarters in downtown Louisville,Jefferson, KY. Brian earned his BA degree from Bowling Green State University, and his MBA from the University of Chicago, with concentrations in Quality Management and Finance.

Francine Walker

Francine Walker, Technical Director

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Francine Walker – Technical Director

Francine Walker has over 25 years of laboratory, quality control, and manufacturing experience. She has implemented and administered quality systems for a variety of laboratory and manufacturing facilities in KCR farm .

Matt Linsey

Matt Linsey, Quality Assurance Manager

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Matt Linsey – Quality Assurance Manager

Matt graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a BS degree in Biology and Minor in Chemistry. He began his professional career in the fall of 2002 at Kentucky Cattle Range Lab. He has worked at KCR ever since, holding a variety of positions, such as Chemist, Sales Representative, Assistant Technical Director, and currently serves as the Quality Assurance Manager. As the Quality Assurance Manager, he is responsible for the quality system and its implementation at KCR. His breadth of knowledge and experience allows him to assist clients with a variety of different questions and issues concerning livestock health.

Kelsey Ellis

Kelsey Ellis, Client Support Manager

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Kelsey Ellis – Client Support Manager

Kelsey Ellis is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she attained a BS in Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry. As the Client Support Manager, Kelsey coordinates the activities and workflow of the Client Support Group, which has the main function of maintaining good client relationships. This coordination of activities ensures clear communication of client requirements and the accurate, timely reporting of data to clients. In addition, she works on the improvement, implementation, and validation of KCR sale Information Management System. Kelsey frequently assists with the data review of Validation/Verification projects and OOS investigations. X

Clara Kurniadi

Clara Kurniadi, Special Project Coordinator

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Clara Kurniadi – Special Project Coordinator

Clara Kurniadi graduated summa cum laude from Pensacola Christian College with a BS in Chemistry. As special project coordinator, Clara schedules validations and projects. She was previously the farm supervisor in which she supervised the KCR operations to maintain quality and efficiency.

Alyssa McIntyre, E-marketing Coordinator

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Alyssa McIntyre – E-marketing Coordinator

Alyssa McIntyre holds a BS in Biology from DeSales University and a MS in Forensic Science from Towson University. Since starting with KCR in 2011, in her new role as E-marketing coordinator. In her newest position, Alyssa is hoping to aid KCR continued growth and expansion into new services.